With a wide-range of natural and artificial casings. We produce, service and distribute world-wide brands and quality to the Romanian and International markets.


Our new category will focus on showing you our promotions. This is a big step into showing you more range of products that would fit your need on the spot for a reduced price.
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Ranging from recipes, customer service, technical service, calibrating, tubing, shirring & printing, we have the work-force for your need and product.


Learn about us, our history, team and management. We strive to bring more modernity and attractiveness to our industry along with professionalism, dedication and trust.

Technical Support

We have a team of specialist ready to help you with your product anywhere around Romania, with a wide-range of technical knowledge on your and our casings, whether it is technical, commercial or industrial.


Every two years we organize a large seminar with all of our clients, suppliers and potential new clients, to discuss our new products and services, exchange contacts, trades and tastes.


There is a recipe for everything and we have the knowledge and will to teach you the new recipes for your new products. Representing the best in the market world-wide we are willing to show you the path to success with your products.


Distributing the best food solution companies for casings, ingredients and packaging for Romania. We strive to be the market leader for these products and we take an immense care to provide you with quality and trustful products.