About us

Darimex International is probably Romania’s oldest and largest natural sausage casing selector/producer as well as collagen and artificial sausage casing trader/converter.

Darimex International market share makes us the leading importer and distributor of collagenic and artificial sausage casings in Romania as well as exporter of natural sausage casings in Romania and in sausage casing customer service provider.

Production, Structure & Industry

The company maintains since several years various certifications such as ISO, Food and Safety and a Veterinary and Sanitary CE number as well as being a member of various national and international associations; like the INSCA, International Natural Sausage Casing Association, the ENSCA European Natural Sausage Casing Association or the ARC, Asociatia Romana a Carnii (Romanian Meat Association).

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Our Darimex, generations to come for a better industry.

Darimex International is a Romanian privately owned company commited in providing first quality products and services for the sausage production in Romania, ranging from providing ingredients, spices, porteins, additives but also distributing worldwide known market leaders for the artificial casing market, from Devro to Viskoteepak and Pentopak, but we also produce natural casing products in our plants in Romania for the Romanian markets and for various West European markets.

The reason we're so invested into the quality of our products and the service we offer is that we love what we do. The casing industry is improving everday and we, as a leader in the business need to lead the involved and up and coming generations into the today's market and system. Darimex is developping everyday to improve, create and expand todays casing industry. Bringing mordernity, motivation and originality to the industry with the up-and-coming new generations.