Shirring, Printing, Ready to Use!


Here at Darimex we are as much heavily invested in Artificial casings than we are with Naturals.

We produced and distribute premium quality shirred tubes; from leading world-wide companies such as Devro, Viskoteepak and Pentopak, all around Romania.

What is Shirring?


Using of shirred casing is an integral part of up-to-date meat-processing industry.

Today we have an opportunity to shirr the casing with a diameter of 200mm and less. The quantity of meters per stick can be 100m and less depending on a caliber of the casing and length of the stick.

We provide service in different fields of the process; printing, printing to shirring, printing - shirring to lub and many more specialities.

Dedicated Shifts

Producing quality shirred casings for our clients all year round and all day, everyday.

Two hubs at your service

Arad and Bucharest providing service for packaging and shirring all year round for our clients.

Modernized Machinery

Darimex invested into state of the art machinery to achieve a premium quality casing.